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Why it so? [People who wrongfully accuse others]

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hello guys i want to know your views why people blame others without even knowing the facts. they do not even bother to allow the victim to clarify him. false claims . the one they tell also immediately accept it as true. and soon the victim is known to be the culprit by every one . why people dont confirm wheteher the thing told to them is true or just fake.
It is a very common evil in our society. once my friend came 4rm uk saying the pakis have ample time to indulge and gossip about others. we dont have. is there any way this evil can be stopped and people will not beleive the words of only one party without knowing the others opinion. will it will it?????
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What made him believe this at the first place, surely he must have been "spiced up" by others

It's a vicious circle i tell ya
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