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What Specialty Should I Choose!?

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Many medical students find themselves wondering this question every time they step foot into a new ward...well you no longer have to spend hours of time contemplating the answer!

The University of Virginia has developed a questionnaire which will ask you 130 questions and rate your tendencies alongside the tendencies of physicians in different specialties. The higher your score for a given specialty, the more similar you are to the physicians in that specialty.

Try it out and post your specialty "match" here!

Here's the link: Specialty Questionnaire! :D
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Medical Specialty Aptitude Test

Here are my results, I couldn't help but laugh out loud when "urology" came up first. Maybe it was some sort of a glitch haha, well atleast it was "some-what" accurate because my first choice, Ophthalmology came 5th! But way, no how.
My results

This is my top 10:

1 Radiology
2 Pathology
3 Nuclear Med
4 Preventive Med
5 Neurosurgery
6 Pulmonology
7 Infectious Disease
8 Emergency Med
9 Neurology
10 Psychiatry

I'm not sure why Radiology came up first. I've no plan going with that. #dull
My choice would be between Pathology and Neurosurgery, I guess. :D

The previous posts are having errors when I click the link so I didn't link to my results and just copied my top 10.
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1 pathology 43
2 neurology 43
3 endocrinology 42
4 general internal med 42
5 allergy & immunology 42
6 gastroenterology 41
7 rheumatology 40
8 dermatology 39
9 ophthalmology 39
10 nuclear med 38
11 pulmonology 38
12 otolaryngology 37
13 radiology 36
14 psychiatry 35
15 anesthesiology 35

pretty much accurate :p
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1. General Surgery
2. Occupational Med
3. Plastic surgery
4. Gastroenterology
5. Nephrology

Interesting, I must say.
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