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We all have heard about big scores 260, 270 etc. but rarely someone emphasizes on the importance of reading the "QUESTION STEM". No one can deny the fact that you've to read the whole paragraph containing all the vital clues, not only that lab values mentioned in it can cause a great deal of confusion breaking your rhythm and not to forget the main question statement which sometimes has no relation at all with the stem. A complete mess up! Isn't it? And with this frame of mind you've to pick the correct answer choice.

THEY CONFUSE YOU! This design is made to test your knowledge & skill. Guaranteed, but just like any other design it can be decrypted too! Broken down. There must be a way to solve questions perfectly.

One tip that I just learned is to skim through the answer choices first and then read the main question statement going in a reverse fashion. Very great way to save time & finding the right answer. But this doesn't work all the time as not all the questions will be lengthy stories on exam day.

This was just one tip, I'm sure there are lot of other tricks to get through the stem. The do's & dont's. Please mention them in this thread below, so that all can benefit from it.
Anyone with recent Step 1 experience will be a worthy contributor.

Thank you!
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