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US or Pakistan Medical School?

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I am a US citizen who currently lives in Pakistan. I moved here for high school to continue my studies and eventually go to medical school here. After reading a couple of threads, I'm starting to doubt whether I should stay here and pursue the MBBS. The advantages are it's less time and less money here but it may be more difficult to get residency in America after taking the USMLE's. And if I go there, it's too expensive and way too competitive, sliming my chances even further. I want to move back after doing medical school here anyways. Is it better to do medical school here or there based on my situation? what should I do?
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if america is too expensive then you already have your answer. it's way more difficult to get residencies after doing medical school in pakistan but at least you won't be in debt + it's definitely not impossible to go back to america to practise.
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