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Hi everyone. I'm in desperate need of some advice and I would be grateful if someone could help me out.
I'm a recent graduate and have cleared my FCPS 1 while also studying for my Step 1 which, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I had to delay and will now give in March. As a result, i won't be able to complete all my steps in time to apply for the 2014 match.
I'd applied to Pgships in Lahore as back up and now have a job offer for a 5 year post for FCPS cardiology. The thing is that due to really stiff competition this year, it has been exceedingly hard for even great graduates to secure a paid slot in hospitals in pakistan, and with the rumored impending crisis for Imgs applying to US residencies in 2015, I don't know whether to accept the offer and just do my FCPS from here, or to refuse and still try for a residency in 2015. I had planned to leave my Pgship the moment I got into a residency, but the problem with that is that my job offer hinges ENTIRELY on the guarantee that I won't leave mid-way - I can only get the job if I commit fully to it but doing so will mean I give up on the possibility of ever going abroad. On the other hand, refusing and then failing to match in 2015- a high possibility given the rumors - will leave me with nothing in hand.
What do you think I should do - refuse or accept the job? If I do opt to do my FCPS cardiology from shaikh zayed, what do you think are my job prospects in Pakistan?
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