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University of Guyana Medical School---CARRIBEAN MED SCHOOLS

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#wink What about the university of Guyana Medical School? IS it rated in the Caribbean? Im thinking of applying there? Any guyanase here? Any Jamaican Here? Ive noticed that most of the medical schools in the caribbean are private-off shore american schools.Sooo they r really not Caribbean Medical Schools per se.The school fees one will knock out Caribbean bred and born--its all in US and the US is a far way stronger currency than most of the caribbean countries.Moreover they want MCATS--AND Bsc's----that just doesnt happen in a real Caribbean Medical School.But hold up its a more rigourous schooling that we get versus the others.#shocked
Any one out there can name some schools that dont want MCATS/ A BSC?#cool
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Mr supportdell- i support HP.Yeah i know of UWI a campus in jamaica and Trinidad.So competitive man-----i was hoping i would hear that university of guyana was equally good b4 applying.It would be good to know if its rated--so when the time rolls around to do internships and stuff i can go where i please
Where are u dong pre medical?? Just want to know

#dull im doing CAPE BIO, MATH and CHEM-----applying to the caribbean skools guyana, and uwi jamaica....they take capes 4 entry into the med sci--its equivalent to the A-levels.:happy:
oh that nice . i also did cape unit 1. did not do tooo well so im doing pre-med at the uwi. finish in july and then off to med-sci in august either in JA or in Trini.

Anyway, best of luck in ur exams.

ok----lets c how the grades turn out-thanks much.If your coming to jamaica----please tell me----if im going to trinidad----i surley give you a shout#wink
But hold on...

Have you heard anything from your friends about university of guyana? abouth there medical school.Ive been told its not rated in the caribbean versus UWI i guess....Whats going on with that school?#confused
Hi Follks, Just filling in on this thread. The University of Guyana Medical School is currently accredited by UWI so doctors graduating from the school can practise freely throughout the caribbean region. Some ppl like later on choose to do USMLE, PLABs or rarely the Australian board exam and go further afield or in earlier times ppl had to do CAMCE before doing post-grad at UWI.
Advantages..small classroom size, very good ward experience(wider than small island training),
Disadvantage...basic sciences could be more is too easy to pass.

Hope this helps!
I was hoping i would hear that university of Guyana was equally good before applying.
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