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UK Med Schools-Mission Impossible

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I have gone thorough the system.
It is extremely difficilt to secure a place in a UK Med school even if you are superman.
the odds are 1 in 4

does anyone disagree.
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agreeeed! hands down second time applying as a grad..
agreeeed! hands down second time applying as a grad..
then what is problem in applying in china ,ukraine or romania for medicine?#confused
then what is problem in applying in china ,ukraine or romania for medicine?#confused

commitments my child commitments
commitments my child commitments

First i am not ur child second what r ur commitments?

Are u afraid that ur parents will forcefully marry you to someone of Pakistani?#frown#yes#yes#yes#yes#yes#yes#yes#yes#yes
Nothing is impossible-as long as you have the will - you'll make it. I think its important that you make your personal statement as strong as possible-one of the best things you can do is do work expeirence/voluntary work-in as many places as possible-e.g. working with young kids in schools, hospice, hospital, GP, residential homes etc. The more you can get the better. Also, try and get involved in other recreational activites.

When writing your personal statement dont just write what you did-the most important part-and i cant stress this - is to write what you learnt from it! how will it put you in a better stance to tackle medicine? If your graduate write about your university degree - how does it help you stand out from the average A-level student-be subtle and try not to make yourself sound like god though lol. If youre an Alevel student how do your subjects make you stand out from other A-level students or just simply what skills have you gained in a general sense-how will these help you in medicne?
Also talk about your hobbies and other factors that make you stand out from the crowd. Ive always believed that the PS is not only abt content but also abt you writing style-you need to be able to write in a way that you can sell yourself.

I know that now you guys have to do some kind of tests - unfortunately i cant comment on that aspect.

Interviews are standard and if youve got one-you're already near the finish line :)
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thank you for your sound advice.
Why do you people think that its impossible?
Most of my friends who could afford the international student fees are in UK medical universities (Newcastle Upon Tyne, Birmingham...), i could have easily got a seat with my good/excellent high school scores(UCLES) but i cannot afford the fees.
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