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Hi there,

Hope you're all well. I have recently been having trouble with the conversion of my A-level and GCSE grades through the IBCC equivalence thing. I live in the UK and I am taking this year to improve my A-level grades which weren't great last year. I still, however, wanted to convert my last year's results myself to just see where I stand right now. I don't understand the conversion form at all. Which subjects' GCSE grades do I include? And how many of them? Do the A-level grades get treated the same way as the GCSE ones?
I got:

Biology B
Chemistry A
Physics A*
Maths A
English A
English Literature A
German A
Urdu A*

Biology C
Chemistry B
Physics C

I know my grades are pretty awful, that is why I am improving my A-level grades this year. It would be exceedingly helpful and I would be grateful to anyone that can help me.
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