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hi guys,

Im due to go for my elective to Shifa early next year and was wondering if any of the shifa students could answer some questions for me. Just wondering how things work over there, in terms of medical students training. Ive been attached to a particular team, does that mean im stuck with them for the duration of my placement or can you go see patients werever in the hospital?

Do you take part in on calls?
Do you practise practical skills on the wards, like phlebotomy, cannulation, ABGs etc?
Do you have timetabled bedside teaching with consultants? Is there much teaching?
What do 4th and 5th years do on the wards during their particular attachment? Just work as part of the team?
Is there much infectious diseases to see, or is it all just TB? I do quite like tropical medicine!

Id appreciate your responses, it will give me a better idea as to what i should expect from my elective

Many thanks,

4th year medic, UK

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Just looking through this forum as am thinking of elective possibilities in future.

So how did you find it as an experience? Was it what you expected? How did you find the location? Also, your probs best equipt to answer your own questions for the rest of us now.

I would also appreciate anyone elses views who have done an elective at Shifa.

Thanks. Peace Out
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