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Thailand is cool

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Hey everyone,

I'm in Bangkok, Thailand right now hanging out for a day before I fly onwards to Seoul, Korea and then to California and am logged onto Med Studentz from a silly little internet cafe in the middle of this huge technology mall. #nerd

Took me like 2 hours to explain to them that I needed a place where I could pay them money for them to let me use their computers but they finally understood and here I am! :happy:

Well I'll probably write more when I get to Korea because I have 9 hours to kill there in the airport but for right now I think I'm going to go get some delicious Thai food from somewhere!

And who knows...maybe a little... :drink:

haha j/k
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yeah right ! is that why u're blushing in ur DP ?!
Oh wow! COoooolll!! I would love to see what thailand and Korea is like... but, damn, that seems like a heck of a trip! Pakistan is really far away to be traveling for that long!#shocked #eek
My best guy friend is a Marine and everytime he gets deployed he gets sent to Thailand and all those places.
He says Thailand is beautiful, the food is awesome...and well other guy things he says that aren't appropriate right now lol.
Aside from all that he loves it. I would love to go visit there....heck I would love to visit the entire WORLD! lol

Rehan, I hope you had a lot of fun and a save flight!

yea once i was travelling to pak actually it was when i went in may and i was sitting next to this guy...who became drunk..(whenever i travel alone my fellow passeneger has 2 get drunk!) he was a married to this thai lady and trust me he told me some scary stufff.....which i dont think is/are appropriate to discuss on such a forum
You give me 5 dolla me love you long time! #yes
omg thats what he said!!! and the poor sod left his wife and three kids 4 her..and then proposed..damn what alcohol does to people!
suki suki...#laugh
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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