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Is it true that forign grads. can't become surgeons in the u.s.? or atleast the chances of them are slim to none? #confused
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I think its definitely harder for an IMG to get into a surgery program but it is by no means impossible. You just need to have high USMLE scores, a good resume with research/clinical elective experience, and well written LORs from surgeons in the US who are currently practicing at one of the Top 20 teaching hospitals.

So yeah, it IS possible but just takes some thought out planning and determination.
It can def happen..i know a someone who went to Pakistan for medical college and he is now a Neuro-Surgeon! Basically u just have to work hard...I know this other boy he was born and raised in Pakistan and he just came to the US and he's only been here gor about 6 months and already landed a good residency...I mean thats really nice when do you everything fast cuz he's only 23 and already a docter and his residency will take about 3 years so he'll be practicing pretty soon which is so great. SO over all I guess time wise if u work really hard it dose make a diff!
yeah one of my really good friends elder brother also got a residency in surgery like two months ago or something,...but than he went to AKU and his dad is like principal RMC ! maybe contacts work or something ..... but than he was smart too ,..oh i dunno ,.... i'll tell u once i 've been through the process !
thanks for all the feedback guys I really appreciate it, cauze its a really hard time for me right now I could use all the help I can get. Thanks again.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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