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Hi, I'm from South Africa and I study medicine in China. I would to share my experience and some of the difficulties I encountered here. Firstly, it's a great place to be, I was so surprised to see that China has so many foreigners. You will meet people from all corners of the world. The food is absolutely amazing and it's so cheap to buy groceries. I've never seen anything like the night life in China, the cities are huge and always busy, even at night. There can be hundreds of venues on one street and packed with foreigners going crazy. Living in China is very cheap and you get your moneys worth. Shopping, eating out with friends or having a hair cut, nothing beats the prices here.

The only major problem I had was getting admission into a Chinese university. I was scammed by a couple of agencies back home that cost me much money and time. If your from planning to study in China you should check out it is the most reliable agency i've came across and recruit hundreds of South African students each year.

Another difficulty you may encounter in China is the internet. Facebook, youtube, Instagram and other social media networks are blocked. It was very difficult to find a good proxy server as you need pay before you use it and sometimes they don't work as are already blocked. If you want to access the internet and pay a decent price for a proxy I recommend you to check out

I hope you find this information useful and if your from SA don't hesitate to contact me if your heading to China, good luck !
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