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hi guys...

I want to ask about the subjects that I studied in the high school...I don't remember anything

from the biology and the it goning to be a problem...especially if im palnning to

go to a gov college in pakistan....???

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For admission into gov schools you just need to have gotten decent grades in biology, chemistry and physics when you took them in high school. You won't need to take the entrance test or SAT IIs or anything.

However, if you're even considering applying to private schools you'll need to hit the books.#nerd

Once you actually get in it's nice to have a little background knowledge on the topics. It might be a good idea to just skim through a biology book before you get in or even just the night before lectures to make it easier on yourself. Not coming in with a solid background won't kill you but you'll probably have to put in a bit more time studying. The chemistry that's used is fairly basic and physics isn't really applied. Bio is the main subject that you might struggle with, but hopefully it'll all come back to you.#happy
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