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Shifa Entrance Test Results (OLD)

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The results are out. They're posted in the Shifa lobby of the Campus part of the hospital. If anyone needs they're score checked, let us know.
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That's great!
Rizwan, any idea regarding as to when the candidates who submitted their SAT scores are likely to be informed?

Best wishes!
Informed about what? Admissions? This thread's only for Entrance test questions. I think the answer to your question is already in the Shifa College of Medicine thread. If not, go ahead and ask there- it'll help more people out that way.
eeeeeh i just checked Shifa's site randomly n it had the test scores....almost gave me a heart attack!!! so its 52.19%....someone tell me if its good or bad...cos it seems quite bad to me but comparing to the other scores i'd say its pretty good?? i dunno im still confused....and does someone know what was last year's lowest percentage in entrance test...for the candidate who got selected?
Well the highest score this year was 67% so your score is definitely decent.#happy
All entrance test takers can find out how they did on the test here:

Shifa College of Medicine
Well the highest score this year was 67% so your score is definitely decent.#happy
yesss thankyou. i checked the interview list name's in it...yay!
hey, where exactly is the 'interview list'?
This year's(2010) interview list isn't out yet, only the result of the entrance test have been announced. The interview list will probably be displayed in the first week of September.
oh allright. In September?! That's a long way off. Thanks anyway:)
Did you even see the dates on the above posts?
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