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Shifa College of Medicine USMLE pass rate?

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Can somebody studying in Shifa College of Medicine tell me that from the graduating classes of Shifa College:

1) How many students were able to get residencies in US?
2) How many students were able to clear all the three steps of USMLE?
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Ah, it kills me to see the 99er's doing internal med, I wish we could get better matches :( I am going there with hopes to get an Ophthalmology residency one day, but it seems so hard now.
Thanks for the reply medstudent22! May I ask, what medical school do you attend?

And yes of course! I am leaving my comfort, home and loved ones behind to study medicine for 5 years, I think it won't kill me to give up breaks.

Is there any more advice you can give me on getting the ophthalmology residency? off topic, but now that you mentioned it in your post ;) I tried PM'ing you, but it doesn't let me, so my only chance was on here. I just want to do ophthalmology though, I volunteered a few years at a hospital, and I stayed in many departments, but nothing drew me like ophthalmology. It's my passion now :)
Thanks for the great reply ZoyaZ! And that's a great plan, and yes, I decided very early, so I feel a little assured now because it's my full focus.

Also, I am starting my first year of MBBS this year, so should I start sending out emails now ? I haven't gotten acceptances yet to the college's but I am 99% I should get into at least one. And if I do electives both research and clinical on only ophthalmology, if god forbid, I don't get the residency, even with perfect scores, would that belittle my chances of getting another residency, even with only ophthalmology work under my belt? And I completely understand how hard it is, but I will put my whole life into this if I have to, I just can't afford medical school here, even with a loan, (and it's too hard to get loans these days) and pay for undergrad, so Pakistan isn't such a bad idea. Please give more advice as to how I would proceed in getting this residency, much appreciated!
Thanks everyone for the great advice! It really helped.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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