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Repeat MDCAT or not?

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I passed my Fsc Pre Med last year in 2022 then I gave MDCAT but couldn't secure admission in any government institution. Then after many many thoughts, I joined university for BS Chem program. Now I've done my first semester and I decided earlier that I'll freeze my second semester and prepare for MDCAT once again. But now I'm kind of confused. With deep thinking, I've got to the point that MBBS is not worth it like there are many less job opportunities also it's hardest difficult field ever. Now I'm stuck if I should freeze my semester and prepare for test again or I should just move on and continue what I'm doing right now. I'm really not sure if it's really don't want to do MBBS or if I'm just scared of the future consequences. I want my future to be secured. And now I don't know which one will be better for me Chem or MBBS. Please someone help me with this decision. I can't just come to any conclusion.
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i think that you should make your decision purely based off of your desires and not your fears. if becoming a doctor is something you truly want, ignore how difficult or challenging it'll be & just work your butt off to make sure it happens for you. if it's not really something you want then you really need to figure out what your true dream really is because it doesn't sound like you're very passionate about chemistry (of course i could be wrong but if you already froze your semester then maybe chemistry isn't for you).
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