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Re: Ziauddin Entry Test

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Hello all,

Ziauddin's test date (for MBBS/BDS) has been confirmed; it'll be held on the 23rd of October. I wanted to know whether anyone has sample papers/past papers I can attempt, since most of the websites I've gone through are full of dead links now.

I'd also appreciate if someone could let me know paper patterns, what topics/questions (in chem, phys, bio; e.g. maybe Bioenergetics appears more often, theory, numericals, etc) appear the most, what textbooks would help me the most, and a rundown on the general knowledge section.


Edit: wording, spelling.
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I gave the test yesterday, so thought that I may as well post an update for next year's applicants just in case :^)

(NOTE: I was suffering through my biannual bout of sinusitis (it's hereditary, I swear), so I was wearing like three face masks for the entirety of the test (hyperbole, but still). Some people had decided to forgo their face masks which annoyed me since I don't want to be responsible for transmitting anything, and nor do I want my non-optimal /hj immune system to catch anything from them. If you're writing the MBBS/BDS test, ysk that SOPs are important and that just because covid news coverage is at a low, doesn't mean that the virus is sleeping, lmao. The fever and the headache probably worsened my test-taking skills, but what's done is done.)

The test was of 90 questions, Q.1-45 were your typical biology, chemistry, and physics questions, while Q.46-90 were general knowledge, IQ (?), and English questions.

The Bio/Chem/Phys section was doable, I believe that A-Levels textbooks are more than enough to study for this. If you wish, you can use the Fsc textbooks as well since they also provide you with the necessary information. The Sindh physics textbook is the only reason I even know of the Carnot engine, but I've also never gone through the A-Levels physics textbooks so take my advice with a pinch of salt.

Some of the (paraphrased) questions I remember off the top of my head (from Q.1-45) are:

Identify the vitamin:
a) Tocopherol
b) Mucin
c) Casein
d) Pepsin

Which is the most acidic (?):
a) Gastric juice
b) Pancreatic bile
... etc

A vehicle is speeding at 5m/s and takes 3m to uniformly decelerate, what is the time taken to stop?
a) 0.6s
b) 1.3s
c) 1.8s
... etc

Length of wave is 10, speed is 5 m/s, what is the frequency?:
a) 0.5Hz
b) 2Hz
c) 3Hz
d) ... etc

Chlorine is:
a) Yellow-green gas
b) Colourless gas
... etc

The temperature of the cold body is decreased, how does this affect the Carnot engine? (or something like that)
a) constant
b) zero
(I don't remember much of this question)

Atomicity is:
a) relative molecular mass x atomic mass
... etc

If two compounds have the same molecular mass, then:
a) both have the same solubility

Which is the correct pathway:
a) right atrium -> left atrium -> lungs -> right ventricle -> left ventricle
b) right atrium -> right ventricle -> lungs -> left atrium -> left ventricle
... you get the gist.

If you know your basics, you'll do well on the test. The final boss is the general knowledge portion, which makes up a major part of the test. I'll admit that I messed up on a few of those questions, but I was well-read enough on it to coast through.

Paraphrased examples of some questions:

Who is the the current UN Secretary General?: António Guterres
Which country is known as the "Land of the Rising Sun?": Japan
The white elephant resides in which country?: Thailand (messed up here, as well. Thailand is known as the "Land of White Elephants")
The currency of Indonesia is: Rupiah
The speaker of Pakistan's National Assembly is: Raja Pervez Ashraf (I messed up here)
The current federal health minister is: Abdul Qadir Patel
The Current Cricket Asian Champion is: Sri Lanka, iirc

Last year, they asked who the current/previous DG ISPR was. The current (2022) one is Babar Iftikhar, and the previous one was Asif Ghafoor.

The aptitude/IQ questions are just basic critical thinking and pattern identification + matching sort of questions, such as:

A girl introduces a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle. How is he related to her?
a) Brother
b) Nephew
c) Son-in-law
... etc

Fill in the pattern, 36, 34, 30, 28, 24, ____.
a) 34
b) 22
c) 20
... etc

Fill in the pattern, FMM, GOO, HQQ, ____.
a) IRR
b) ISS
... etc

The English questions were very easy. If you find English difficult, just grind through your MDCAT English question banks and you're set.
The last few questions, Q.84?86?-90(idr), referred to an article in the question paper. This article spanned over a course of two pages, and the questions were essentially English comprehension questions.

And that's it. This was a rundown/general gist of this year's Ziauddin MBBS/BDS entry test.
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Wanted to add... I saw this YT video titled something like "most repeated/important general knowledge mcqs in entry test, KU, CSS etc" and many questions were repeated from that
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Wanted to add... I saw this YT video titled something like "most repeated/important general knowledge mcqs in entry test, KU, CSS etc" and many questions were repeated from that
Thanks for letting me know! This might be pretty helpful for people who give the test next year :]
No worries! Any idea when the result will be out?
No worries! Any idea when the result will be out?
I contacted Ziauddin's admission department, and they said that results would be released after MDCAT results are announced.
An update: I'll be giving another of ZU's tests tomorrow, this time for another major I'm interested in (Genetics).

Hoping some similar questions will be in it. I expect to see some general knowledge questions about the FIFA World Cup as well (e.g. who won/lost the final, etc).
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