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Is there anyone here who has some sort of information about any good uni in either of usa,australia or uk about pre-clinical electives (electives accessible to students once after they completed their 1st year of med studies in pakistan)?

If so please post the relevant information asap.

Thank you. =)

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There's only two type of electives. Research electives, or clinical electives.

You can do a research elective any time after your first year of med school.

You can do a clinical elective as early as third or fourth year.

What you're looking for is a research elective, and there's not just one place that you can go to do it. Thoroughly read the rest of the threads on the forum about electives (of which there are PLENTY) and you'll be able to answer your own question of where to go. There's a lot more involved in picking where to go for an elective than just "any good uni."
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