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Assalamoalaikum everyone. I am new to this forum but I have a lot to ask you and not a lot of time. I am facing the same dilemma as "Stereo" is facing. My aggreagate is 90.4995 percent. I want to go to King Edward Medical University more than I want anything else in the entire world. Going to KEMU has been my childhood dream. But despite getting 1020 marks in FSc, I got just 964 marks in MCAT and so I am now facing a situation where I never thought I would ever be. I am a border-line case for admission to KEMU. Here are the merits from last years:
2010: 88%
2011: 88%
2012: 90.0039%
2013: 90.8%

Please tell me is there a chance that I will get into KEMU? Please help me out here in deciding that if, God Forbid, I don't get in KEMU, then what should be my second prefernce, should I be preferring RMC or should I be preferring AIMC? Please help me. I am so confused right now, I had never thought I would be so helpless. I live in islamabad and my parents think that I should join RMC if I don't get in KEMU. But I think that RMC is way below AIMC interms of merit and otherwise and scoring 90.4995 and going to RMC for which the closing merit is around 87% will be a shame. Plus RMC is a ruin.

So please answer these two questions, if possible today:

Will I make it to KEMU with a 90.4995% aggregate seeing that the test was difficult as hell and merit probably will fall and also taking into consideration the 50% each seats for males and females rule by PM&DC?

Also, what should be my second preference, AIMC or RMC?
I am going to submit the form most probably tomorrow. If someone replies sooner, I mean today, I will be really grateful. Please help me!!! Please!!!
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