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half are outdated or not found
can any1 hlp jus a beginner with patholgy any tips dat wud hlp me ..any links ..easy way to keep things in mind..................
read illustrated pathology
nice book

can any1 hlp jus a beginner with patholgy any tips dat wud hlp me ..any links ..easy way to keep things in mind..................
Clinical Case Studies Grand Rounds
Read robbins patho, its an awsome book but we need to give it sufficient time!

Currently i'm studying respiratory system in patho and would like to give you guys some mnemonics regarding this chapter...follow them:
Cigarette Is Primary Problem
types of emphysema:
centrilobular,irregular,pancinar and paraseptal with their respective features being cigarettes,inflammation healed to scar,protease inhibitor deficiency and pneumothorax respectively!

*TB features are:
remember 4 C's-
caseation,calcification,cavitation and cicatrization!

emPhysema- Pink Puffer
chronic Bronchitis- Blue Bloaters

[remember P-THORAX]
Pleuritic pain
Tracheal deviation
Onset sudden
Reduced breath sounds(dyspnea)
Absent fremitus
X-rays shows collapse

*bronchial obstruction's consequences-
Atelectasis,Pleural adhesions,Pleuritis,Lipid pneumonia,Effusion-> organisation->fibrosis,Bronchiectasis, Abscess,Broncho and lobar pneumonia,Emphysema

*respiratory distress syndrome- risk factors are ->
PCD (primary ciliary dyskinesia : cause of RSD)
Cesarian section
Diabetic mother

hope this post may help you guys lil bit!
Work hard all of you...
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@Masjid ... your link is not working could you please sort it out ASAP
can i get a free downloads fot Rosai and Ackerman's Surgical Pathology
^ Sorry but we can't post free e-books that are copyrighted.
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Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome of hyperglycaemia associated with insulin deficiency and/or resistant to the effect of insulin in the body.
I found this guy's lectures REALLY helpful.

Teaching A Global Medical School Pathology Course Online - YouTube

Check it out people.You guys might like it. :)
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