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Pakistani Culture Textbook (Federal Board)

Hi, Ruqaiya,
I've got the Pakistani Culture textbook, but it is for federal board, the publisher is national book foundation (NBF). It is divided into two parts, which I suppose refer to HSSC first year and HSSC second year. If you want a few scans of it, I can send it to you via email or Facebook. I haven't made notes, I study directly from the book. You can message me on Facebook, to find my account just enter my email, mzr.boy88 at gmail into the search box, or simply email me. I will be glad to help.
There are five chapters in total, so it's easy if you work a little bit on it.
Mam I have this book this Pakistan culture book so I m gonnna give HSSC-2 for Punjab board? Or I have to study pak study book also? Last year I have not giving paper Pak culture paper because of covid-19 they pass all examinations student

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I took Pak Culture in Fsc.
got 71 in first year and 86 in second year.
(on mozand road near ganga ram hospital)
They have a library there. You have to go to theie past papers section and DIG OUT ( literally) the past papers for pak culture.
Make sure you get the right onea !! on top of the paper it should say pak culture part 1 (or 2).
Once you have the right papers, ( do not get confuses with the federal board ones) make copies!

Okay so now i'll tell you this:
read all the sq and lq and mcqs on the past papers and find their answers!!
refer to the internet (google is a mans best friend), matric and fsc part 2 Pak study books.

thats all.

write down all of the lq on the paper. add relevent quotes from the internet and stuff ! (this will add quality)

I had trouble in first year becz i did not know what to refer.
I studied lq (for first yr) from matric pak study book ! (although a lot of answers were in fsc part 2

It got easier when I was in second year. because i took the compulsory in english!!
Alot of what you learn there will be in your pak culture paper!

(i studied the entire paper for part two..(sq were 95% similar...lq were 70% similar i.e two ques were from fsc pak study book)...and mcqs were 1% similar !!...None of them were from the past paper except one !!

ps. i had my part two fsc teacher mark all the mcqs for me! ( this will save ur time because you will waste time searching the net)

Paper pattern?
20 mcqs (1 pt each)...5 l.q (10 pt each will have to do three)...and you have to do 25 sq out of i think 30 (2 pt each)

I had a lot of trouble because i had no one to guide me. Not even the teachers.

So do take my advice.
InshAllah you will do great :)

For part two focus on past papers and fsc pak study book.

Hope this helps. :) If you face any confusion regarding this feel free to ask me!!

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Mam I have federal board book Pakistan culture! So I have doubt that all related to federal board ! So I have to study Pak study or pakistan culture book for Bise Punjab board ? Because this is my first time I m giving last year they pass all the examinations
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