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Hello there,

I want to ask you guys about this branch of medicine. I found it quite recently and there seems to be quite a little info about it. Most of the information I found was here in years old threads, so I decided that hopefully, I can get some new perspectives and insights.

My first question obviously is if this is still a thing if I can be interested in Medical Genetics and find a job in a 10 years span. (If I can do it all).

My second question is quite obvious too, which route is the best one. In those threads, I mentioned I found some possibilities to be.

Pediatrics - Neonatal - Geneticist
IM/Genetics combined
Pediatrics/Genetics combined
Ob/Gyn + Genetics combined

Is this still a thing or has something changed? Any route better than a previous, I mean competence wise, length is not a problem for me.

My third question is really more like the need for confirmation.

Most of the people on the internet mentioned that Genetics is a field that has everything that's for me interesting. It combines detective work because each genetic patient is unique. It combines that I would most likely know my patients for quite some time because it isn't something that can be done in a span of weeks. You get to treat, or take care of and diagnose, NICU patients (I am no weirdo or creep but there is something incredibly rewarding and interesting on treating (anyhow helping) those who cannot do anything themselves. There is some hero factor in it). You get to see cancer (which is also very interesting). And there is always a room for research.
Basically, I think it is very challenging, not repeating (kinda allergic to boredom... repetitiveness) specialty that needs some scientific proficiency.

this is what I find interesting from what I know or thing, can you please tell me if I am wrong somewhere or if there's, even more, I can do?

My last question is just out of curiosity. I understand that what I am asking is hardly possible and even if it is possible it would be incredibly hard but I am gonna ask anyway :D

Naturally, Genetics isn't the only thing I am interested in, but it seems that my Interest generally is in human body disorders. Genetics, Immunology, and Endocrinology are what interests me most (besides Cancer). So basically my question is if those areas can be somehow combined in one practice. I feel like it is somehow connected but I am not sure if one man can do more than one of those (or maybe all of them.) But as I said this is more out of curiosity than anything else because that's how I see it now.

Anyway, thank you guys who have red it all the way here :) It means a lot to me.. Thank you in advance for any insight.

ps. Someone back then (this time on old Reddit post) mentioned that there are/were many branches of genetics (Lysosomal Disorders, Cancer Genetics, Cardiovascular Congenital Disorders etc.) so I wondered if you like, have to choose one and dive deep into that or if you can, like, switch between them, or meet patients with every type of disorder and not just the one you are deep into
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