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ok, this is my status. I am cuurently in a community college, i haven taken around 40 credits, i did get like 4 C's ;(. I really would like to get some help here, so.. Whats the diff between DO and MD?

Hows the caribbean schools work out. i mean do you attend that school and what test do you have to take in order to practice in the US? like name and such.

I am sorry for being so "dumb" its just i never had the help from other people to answer these questions. I am orinignaly from Puerto Rico and now im N.C.

Whats the Basic GPA and MCAT scores like to get into a school in Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico. I am not very fluent in spanish but i can inderstand it and speak it slow ;/

The reason im saying this is...well my father was in the marines and 2 of my brothers joined as well...and i love!! to help people and would like to break this trend in my family.
Also,,,i think my GPA is around a 2.8/2.9 freshmen year..I have not started any PRE MED courses yet.

I am very motivated and would like some help.#happy
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