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AOA medstudentz!!!!!!!! long time no reading or posting ovr here from me. I am a bds student at NMC dental section. what otra foreigners r ovr here?????????? being the only Canadian in Dental Sectionz kindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa diff b/c I've had to learn barrrrrrrrrray mushkil say urdu. which isn't so bad once u figure out that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. yup, this phrase finally hit home once i got here in feb. n papers start nov, so plz remember me in ur duaas and hope that I bring pride to my fellow foreigners by passing respectably and show the nmc teachers that Baby, we foreigners can do it! whtever we want!

btw, y do guys have such a major staring prob huh? the otra day me n my good friend decided to sit outside near the anat dept and stare and pass comments at the guys..jst for fun lolz. ackkkkkkkkkk..................................guys were so few and sooooo many grlz. so we did what guys supposedly do n commented randomly on whichever grl caught our eye (PukkaPaindu, TrashBag etc.). Andddddddddddddddddd we saw.....observed.........just ahem gave a passing glance to a potential couple. bara maza aya. kya bataoun kya na bataoun---at least t h e girl could have SOME taste. Larka khubsurat be nahi tha. tsk tsk. bus.....kya karoun. The entire time they had thr meeting, we dubbed them, u know, dialogue for what they could be saying. it was fun n they knew we were laughing at them. after that, whenever we saw the bechara, we laughed at him. n he knew it lolz. or woh becharey........kamazkum handsome larka ko apna # dhaytee. time zaiya. uff.. lolz.

newayz, a humble request to guys at NMC--quit staring. I come from an extremely positively n negatively western society n have almost lolz seen n heard all. Zaroor apnay ap ko zaleel karna hai? u lk weird n uncivilized that way. not attractive at all. if u wna talk to a girl, plz be a civilized human being. Ur studying to become a doctor, not an ape.

oh yeah...also saw the principal's baita. i'm contemplating getting engaged to him for a couple of years lolz...jst tht koi be kaam ho tho show say woh kardhay. kya khyaal hai lolz.
Thx. Allah Hafiz. I wish u ALL the best of Luck.
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