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1st attempt (Nov): failed by 4 marks
2nd attempt (Mar): passed by 4 marks
I hope this post helps all, especially those who weren't able to make it in their first attempt.
Active Complaints:
I was made too confident by some of the posts here and ended up leisurely going through plabable twice in 30 days and attempted a couple mocks. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me.

On examination:
One third of the exam was testing concepts I hadn't come across.
One third of the exam was based around the concepts I had gone through in medrevisions/plabable.
One third of the exam was the exact same questions.
For first 30 days, went through Plabable + plab1keys one subject at a time, writing my own notes as I go.
Repeated Plab1keys in second run.
Went through flagged questions in 3rd run.
For next 10 days, went through a total of 1700 (should do more) high-yield questions from medrevisions.
For the last 7 days, went through Dr Swamy mocks, previous year's recalls, and my beautiful notes.
Eat, pray, live.
Medrevisions questions were much more in-depth, so make sure you go through as many as you can.
Have good friends
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