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Motorola Razr anyone? already got it? want it? Join da club

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:D yesterday I got my Motorola Razr V3- and so far...I am loving it. I got it in hot pink :D blazing. I know that the V3 is now "old" and not as good as the new V3i but I was really thinking...why do I want the V3i? Well coz it got better features, including MP3- the V3i is the updated version of Motorola V3.

But I know that if I would buy the V3i, I?d hardly be using those new features that it offers such as listening to music right from your cell phone...nahhh I can easily do that on my hot video ipod- which is 30GB and can hold 7,500's gorgeous front, back, up, down, inside out. lol I love my ipod- one of the best things I bought for myself :D Great sound quality, picture, video quality- all is great. Plus the 7,500 songs it can hold are wayyyyy more than enough. I bought that in October, 2005. And since I love to spend money... that time I also decided to buy the Altec Lenshing inMotion speaker set for video ipod- which I FELL IN LOVE WITH. The speakers are so cute- they can defn. blast up your whole house. Those speakers sound quality is better than my CD/cassette player in the living room. I remember spending a lot of money on the ipod and the speakers so now when the time came to buy the Moto V3- I decided to be a lil thoughtful and used some common sense. I got my ipod to listen to those 7,500 songs...I really don't need it in my cell phone.

So that's why I bought the V3 instead of the V3i - however the camera in the V3 sucks practically- but it's ok...I am gonna buy a new digital camera in the summer- :D
Plus almost every month/week new technology pops up and then your busted lol- a cell phone should just be a cell phone ? don?t need the other out of ordinary features coz we got other technology for music and pictures. I mean it should be a new cell phone but it?s ok if it?s not the latest updated version of a new phone- as long as it's a new one- good enough :D

Below is a review of the Moto V3- I think this is a great review as it mentions all the goods and bads of the V3- for anyone else looking to buy. It all depends on your personality though...some people prefer phones with MP3z and good camera quality- while others think...we got our other latest technology to use and don't need it to be included in our cell phone as well.

Read the Review if you're thinking of buying :


The Motorola V3 RAZR is gloriously thin ? only 13.0mm? a bit wide, an issue that is exaggerated by how incredibly thin this handset actually is. What makes the Motorola V3 RAZR so tough? It?s made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminium ? that?s what! Style is the name of the game and this contender is ready to fly.

The Motorola V3 RAZR's exterior features a 4000 colour OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) - which is lovely and clear until you get your grubby paws on it and leave smears ? this means that you should prepare yourself for regular cleaning. The Motorola V3 RAZR itself is available in the classic silver and the newly released black edition ? both are light and gorgeous to behold. Open or closed ? the Motorola V3 RAZR a stunner. In the dark the keys are illuminated by a vibrant blue luminescence ? we are talking serious Sci-Fi channel material.

The inner LCD is a bright 2.2inch 262 000 colour display. Opposite this sits the laser cut keys which sport chemical-etched symbols. Although this looks great and the keys are nice and large ? the fact that they sit so flush means that smsing takes getting used to. Furthermore, I found that SMSing was a chore as sometimes I thought that I had pressed a key whereas in fact I had not. This makes the process rather frustrating, not to mention the fact that you cannot tactilely feel the difference from key to key easily as with other phones.

An unusual element to the unit is the large ?bulge? at the bottom of the phone. When closed you don?t notice it as the lid closes flush with this part. When opened it becomes rather obvious. I thought that this would be a mass irritation ? but to the contrary ? I found it to be a real boon. The mass of the widget produces a keen counterbalance to the lid, making the phone easy to use when the phone is opened without the feeling that it may tip over. Furthermore it houses the speaker ? an element I enjoy as the sound is not muffled as with other units that have a back facing speaker.

FEATURES of the MOTOROLA V3 RAZRJetsetters rejoice! ? taking the idea of using airplane-grade aluminium one step further, the Motorola V3 RAZR supports quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz/ This means that you can use the Motorola V3 RAZR pretty much anywhere in the world. WAP 2.0, GPRS and bluetooth are included for connectivity along with a miniUSB port for cable-syncing.

The menu was quite responsive, but then comes that old ass waiting for it?s regular flogging : Motorola?s incredibly slow and irritating classic messaging ? when will these guys listen to their customer base and get their act together? Sigh?. So many of their otherwise outstanding offerings are let down by their obscure menus and awful messaging services. I hope someone from Motorola is listening for a change.

The Motorola V3 RARZ's display is a 262000 TFT 176x220pixel LCD ? definitely one of the best I have seen on a mobile phone - it is crisp, colourful and clear as well as adequately bright. I should point out that I was really pleased with the refresh rate ? this is quite obvious when using the camera or viewing any moving pictures ? it is really responsive with no discernable lag.

The Motorola V3 RAZR is hampered by a minimal 5.5Mb of non-expandable memory. The support of MP3 is not going to feature beyond ringtones with so little memory. Luckily it only supports a VGA camera as well, or else users would be really frustrated.

The camera is a disappointing VGA 640x480 cam that doesn?t take particularly great shots and is not video capable despite the support of MPEG-4 movies (not that you can store a lot on 5.5Mb anyways). Thankfully the lens is made of chemically hardened glass leaving it quite resistant to damage and scratches. Since the main focus is as a fashion icon, this is one that we can let slip ? almost? I still expected 1.3, but considering how thin a unit this is ? it?s a wonder how they packed all of this in, in the first place.

Now it is really important to note that the Motorola V3 RAZR is a particularly milestone for Motorola as it marks the first of many in this theme of high-end fashion phone. Already new specifications and pictures have been released for a follow-up unit that addresses many of the issues with this particular handset (the camera and the memory expansion) ? Enter the Motorola V3x RAZR ? exciting times indeed.


Regarding battery life : Motoroal promises 6.7 hours talk time and 10.4 days standby. In reality our tests yielded about 2 days with moderate use.
The Motorola V3 RAZR is available in SA as of the time of this writing on contract.


Style definitely overtakes substance here. In a market inundated by clones Motorola brings a real looker to the ramp. The Motorola V3 RAZR is definitely durable and packs quite a bit in its Kate Moss-thin shell. But those seeking features like Video Recording, a good camera and so forth best look elsewhere. Those looking for a phone that is drop-dead gorgeous, gets lost in your shirt pocket and makes a statement ? look no further.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- :wink:
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Nice choice...gotta love the Moto Razr!

After having the same phone for a little over two and a half years I finally gave in and ditched my old crappy Samsung for a new Razr V3i and I gotta admit it kicks ass. The feature which comes in most handy for me is the voice dialing--its so easy to just flip it open and say the name of the person you wanna call.

Makes me feel like the baller I'll never be 8)
Oh that's neat...hmm I gotta see if the V3 allows us to do that...but probably not. but that's really kool- just say the name n it dials. great!
No, the Razr V3 and the V3i BOTH have voice activated dialing. In order to use it though you have to save your contacts on the phone instead of on the SIM card. Then you can go into your phonebook, go into editing a contact and it'll have a place called Voice Name where you can then record that person's name.

Let me know if you get it to work! :)
hey...yea I got it to work.
Actually since I just got it yesterday night, I didn't have time to read the whole book of it...and in the morning I had to go to my class- so when I came home today...I got a chance to read the book and get my phone all set up and ready- Also my father was telling me that this same feature was also included in my old cell, but I never used it then- I was too lazy to read the whole book. lol But for this phone...I read it and am gonna make full use of all its features. :)
i have been using v3 for a month now n i have found its really dumb ..low internal memory n u cant even use external memory cards n camera results are really bad jst not comparable to ne of other mobile sets..the only thing which is good abt it is style!! seriouslky thinming abt a change
yea Zia, I agree. It's not all that great but it depends...I just had it for few days and I don't mind it so far.
yeaa the camera sucks...some other stuff sucks as well...but I don't mind it either because a cell is a cell. And I also just recently got it, so I don't have any complains so far.
and as for its negatives- I don't mind because I got the other electronic stuff to use instead of using my camera. For example, using the digital cam to take pics, and having ipod or cd player for music.
yeah u are rite moazzama that cell is cell but still sumtimes its jst u can use it for someother purposes like 2days ago my frnd came from rawalpindi as my home is in lahore n we went to some park n he wanted me to take some fotos with my mobile so it took n when i checked the actual result ...they were like 'black n white' lolz
This is a pretty old discussion but, I lost my Razr couple of days ago.#sad
Why are people so mean? Can't they just return it back?
Meanwhile I got the Old School Nokia. Remember those?#nerd
I feel ya. I had to go back to the ol Nokia when my wimpy Razr stopped working when I took it int the bathroom with me while I was showering. It coulnd't handle the steam ! What a piece of junk !
i think i hate my razr i used to love it because i would always be on aim but now it starts freezing on me!! def time for a change - my bro got the krazr which was cute mayb i'll get one too
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