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Do you guys know of any good medical shows?

I absolutely love ER, Strong Medicine, and TLC channel at midnight.
I wake up every morning before 9am so I can watch ER (when Im in school, summers I work #sad ); That show is awesome, I love it because it shows resident life as well as doctor experiences *its off the hook! lol* even though it is a bit dramatic at times -adds to entertainment-, AND Strong Medicine is on Lifetime channel, which is pretty amazing too, its mroe doctor work than residency but you get to see some pretty cool situations -also drama filled-. The TLC Channel also shows medical procedures from sgw's to births to mental situations....its insane (real life on the ER).

I have heard that Scrubs is liek a satire but a good show as well, HOUSE MD I've heard is really good but I think its more for show than medicine itself; plus the guy is a little nuts from what I could tell watching it once, and Ive heard Grey's Anatomy is super good but I have not watched it yet as I dont have time to watch much TV when I'm in school.

Any other shows you can all recommend would be superb. :happy:
I also think so.
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