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Med Studentz Link List

  1. Requirements
  2. Taking the MCAT
  3. GPA!
  4. Personal Statement Overview
  5. Have Experts Edit Your Personal Statement
  6. American Medical Schools- A list of all the med schools in the US with contact information
  7. Register for the MCAT online!
  8. Sample Interview Quesions

Medical Students
  1. Medical Mnemonics
  2. Clinical Exam - sample histories for the major disciplines along with how-to guides for physical exams
  3. Common Medical Abbreviations
  4. AAMC's site for Current Med Students
  5. MedPDA - a great site for medical PDA software
  6. ScutWork - Residency Listings

  1. Prep4USMLE
  2. USMLE Info for International Grads
  3. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
  4. USMLE's Official Site
  5. Kaplan's Step 1 Programs

Let me know what you think! :D
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try this website too:


I apologize if it feels like spamming but i highly recommend this to all med students...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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