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MBBS Course Fees

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If you are planning to pursue MBBS at affordable fees, then either study continuous for an Indian medical entrance exam or study MBBS in abroad destinations at low cost. Because studying MBBS for a private medical college is expensive, gives no surety of quality education, and does ensure getting a job in the top score hospitals in the country.

MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low course fees is not a myth. It has been found that if a student pursues MBBS from a private medical college in India, they will spend 70 lacs or more. Whereas, if student study medical course in foreign destination like China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Philippines is much cheaper, when it comes to the quality of education and MBBS course fees will between or around 9 to 60 lacs.
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Yes, India is best for Indian students to do their medical studies but for those students who did not get admission to good medical colleges or universities in India due to less NEET score or other reasons then they can join Caribbean medical schools because they provide scholarships & affordable fee structure for students.
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