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Karachi Entry Test Papers

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Salaam, I am a new member.
Would it be possible for anyone to link me out /post Past Entry Tests that have been conducted in various Universities?
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nobody allows it to be taken from the venue
i remember a few points though
there were alot of questions each wid four options
cant remember anything else
Yes, I do realize that; you have to answer it on the question papers. It ensues pretty much all over the world.
What I meant was, if anyone could link me a couple of demos.
Did you attempt? How were they? I haven't fallen into hysterics yet, however do ask you regarding the tests i.e. the MCQ's are within the course or the Excellency of the professors sometimes get nonstandard.
it was tough!!I realized that when I matched my response with the answer sheet they provided.
It was inter based, but surprisingly i generally found the A level students faring better than the inter students ( a very small unreprensentative sample but). A few were outrightly memo based like when did Wohler made ammonia? while many were more conceptual, like: what women are most likely to have a baby with Downs syndrome? A fat B slim C young D old.
There were many anamolies even, in the english section was a question: whats antynom to 'intensive', and I was mixed up with the two options casual and leisurely.
It wasnt that thought off as SAT 2 papers are but they do represent to some degree your iq. I regret doing very little prep for it and my chemistry section I think bore the brunt but generally the result was very similar to that of my AKU ET. I think the DMC was 30 percent more difficult.
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omg when did wholer made ammonia?.....u literally have to memorize books!!
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