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It is unfair, and they are finally changing it!

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It is unfair when a person born in USA, Canada or UK comes to Pakistan to do their studies such as O and A levels from a Pakistan school, and then applies on foreign basis.

They have to apply through Pakistan only since they get higher scores b/c of less deduction and then they take our( real foreigners) seats.

This is why they get scores like 900+, since they highest an American and Canadian student can achieve is 880 out of 1100 and this is after the 20% deductions.#shocked

So if anyone is telling u that they have higher than 880 then the are Pakistani resident students that will use their foreign passport since they can't compete with the smart Pakistani students to get their seat in pre-med, and they are lying or cheated to get their results.#frown

However, they situation will change. #happy

I heard through IBCC that if they find out about any student like that, they will immediately rescind their application and ban them from applying any where in Pakistan.#laugh

Moreover, they can only do it through the regular Pakistan admissions just as every other pakistani student applies.#laugh
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what? people from here can do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#shocked
IBCC cant do anything. Anyone with a foreign passport with Pak-origin can apply for the Self Finance MBBS seats even if they did their pre-med from Pakistan and had zero marks cut off on their scores.

Why? Because IBCC says that foreign schools are "easier" then Pakistani schools so to make all the scores equal, they deduct on the foreigners. So technically if your a Pakistani born and raised in USA and come to pak and do you a,o, xyz, fsc or watever letter examinations in Pakistan, you too will have no marks cut off and can apply for self finance!
i wouldnt call it unfair........cuz o and a levels are a pretty difficult compared to high school (trust me, ive seen them both) but thats a good idea medman! the highest you can get if you have done a and o lvls is 935 becuase they cut off 15 %. so i would reccomend evryone to come to pak and do matric, fsc so that nuthing gets cut i should done fsc
fsc is quite tough too!!
ive seen the better of it and the A levels that i did
they cut off 15 % for o\a levels #angry
20% if u did HS#angry
10% if ur from canada#eek
I know American kids who have over 880 (although only by a little bit) on their equivalency. From an American high school and everything.
yeah.................its is possible but for that u better have plenty of AP classes
Most of the American applicants that were accepted this year also have scores higher than 900; probably because of the AP classes, like Taimur said.
Salam all,

Yea, from what I've ready on marks conversions from the IBCC website, the highest marks an American high school student can get are (approximately) 935, and that's with a 5 on 5 AP tests (4 of which have to be Bio, Chem, Physics, and English) .
yeah......but with an 880 u can still get into a really good college!
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