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I failed my chemistry and physics 2nd year board exams this year even though I did everything right. I even saw my papers and it seemed like they ignored my answers and diagrams and just gave me marks according to how they wanted to and not how I deserved. Even if I did badly, I worked hard on my diagrams I should've at least 'just passed' them.
So, now I'm waiting for my re-test results. My family has told me many times that there are students coming in to join the session even after three months since the classes commence due to the availability of seats. And I've read many times on this forum that people often leave ZU behind after they get sorted into BUMDC, SMC, AKU, DMC & KMC. So, do I have a chance?
The thought of wasting an entire academic year is frightening to me.
Please answer with whatever info you have. Please don't just view this thread and leave it unanswered. Every reply counts. :)
Also, when did/will the mbbs classes in ZU start? And the orientation, too?
And do you have any info on when the 2nd year supplementary result will be announced? They ended on 10th december. (All BIEK exams)
Please thank you~~
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