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which one is better?

  • CMH lahore

  • Shalamar Medical College

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Hey guys, the merit lists for diff med unis have started coming in and I got into Shalamar (will pay rn but plan to transfer to CMH later on if I get in)
For me CMH lahore has been my first preference from the very first day but I'm a lil confused now. I've heard that since it's an army affiliated hospital, the patient inflow in CMH is very low and hence your clinical practice side will be weak and you'll struggle catching up with students from other unis. Moreover some ppl have also mentioned that the NUMS degree might cause a problem when applying for jobs and even for FCPS.
Is this is all true? and should I consider transferring to CMH if I get in or is Shalamar the better option?

(also I plan to give the PLAB/USMLE exam
which uni do you think will prepare me better for these)
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