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Hello, everyone
I am a 2nd yr. international med student greatful for life everyday.
2) I think peds is where my heart is.
3) For the simple fact that when i was a little girl six or seven i used to get sick a lot and my mother had to carry me on her back to go far (because we lived in the country side of Haiti) to see a doctor and i would see all these kids being so sick in the clinic that it hurt. So i would tell my mother that i want to be a doctor to help those sick kids when i grow up some day. And the desire never left me it only gets stronger as time goes by. I am greatful that God has giving me such a passion to really be at service...
4)... I am from Haiti a very poor country so i know what it is like to be deprived of the most basic things:health care, housing, proper nutrition and others and i choose to remember how it felt; so my compassion and my desire to treat a human being rather than the symptoms as it is mostly the case now a days it what it putting me in that little pile of medical professionals that strive to understand where is that human being(patient) coming from, deep inside rather than just a look at the surface. All of this might sound a bit unrealistic but it is my deepest desire and i know of friends that are providing care at that level.
5) I haven't taking any steps yet
6) For reasons giving in #4 i plan to practice in Haiti where i am needed most maybe travel bet. the US and Haiti.
7) I am not sure of that yet
8) I would love be among my people in my country providing care for the needy with God's blessings.
I am sorry i got carried away but thanks for the opportunity. This is a great forum.:happy:
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