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hi iam iman mostafa iam medical student in ain shams faculty of medicine ,cairo,egypt,iam in the 5th class and i got 3 years to finish my study,i practice i like to work in in the future is paediatrics and i like that practice coz i not only like children,i admire medicine ,and i hope allah give me the chance to help people who need help one day and really not looking for money or anything else ,only helping people,iam a girl and i want to work in pk in the future and i got my own researsh about INCIDENCE OF PERINATAL HEPATITIS B AMONG CHILDREN BORN TOINFECTED MOTHERS and i intoduced it in egypt but unfortunately they didnot give me the chance to complete it here and i hope u help me ,i hope u answer me and for knowledge,i got high degrees in my study ,in the first 3 years i got mumtaz(excellent)and in the 4th year i got very good ,is this degrees is nice to accept me or not ,thx iman
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