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Inquiry About Not Doing Housejob in Pakistan and Apply directly abroad eg. Qatar or UAE

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Hi Dear Colleagues !
I was wondering to know if i can apply directly in Qatar or UAE without doing housejob in Pakistan as it is required for liscence to practice here in Pakistan. As the pay isn’t enough and mostly even unpaid and cannot help me financially so my wish is if i can skip it and fingers crossed it is not necessary for degree (the housejob). So my question is can i apply directly abroad without doing Pakistani Housejob ???? Please guide !
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And secondly with my MBBS degree can i apply directly for UAE or Qatar exams ?
Of course without Pakistani Housejob. Because they don’t pay you and the whole year nothing is different you just live longer in hospital than u used to while studying in college.
Please guide me if someone has genuine knowledge about this.
and also what exams you have to take for Dubai ,Abu Dhabi , Qatar ,and how much do they pay once you get a job there ?
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