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IMG'S (pakistan) step one documents?

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hi everyone,

i am a graduate of pakistan, want to start preparing for Step1, i just want to know the required documents apart from the medical diploma needed for step one.

i would appreciate if students who graduated from pakistan show their concern to this thread since they knw hectic it is to run after simple things here..:)

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u can get all the info u need at ECFMG | Medical Education Credentials
what do u mean bhains ke dum?? u through with it/
Can someone please tell me how and where I can get " statement of need" in Pakistan for J1 visa (U.S) requirements by ECFMG . Im not sure if i have to contact PMDC or some other department.. can someone please help me out in this process. Thanks a lot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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