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After you get onto that PTAP list, you know you're almost there.

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Step 1:
Send them a confirmation email or fax within 5 Days of the list being released
[email protected]
fax: +92-51-9211822
this is the only way your nomination will be processed

Step 2:

You'll have to go to Islamabad with all your official documents. Room No 505, Block-C, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
If the applicant themselves can't make it to Islamabad then his/her parent can go, but please call PTAP to ask them before doing this. In my case, my father went and it was fine.

1. Official Transcript
2. Foreign nationality
3. Pakistani nationality
4. Original high school diploma
5. Equivalency letter (expires in 3 months) or certificate from IBCC

Step 3:

PTAP will give you a letter after they've processed and seen all your original documents. This letter must be given to the particular institution given. The particular institution will then process your admission.

you might be wondering, what's the fee for PTAP?
for myself, I got into SMC, and the fee is Rs. 60000/ semester (not even $600, super cheap)

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