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I forgot all about basic science subjects.

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Hi,i am graduated in medicine in italy (it takes six years).So it was long time that i have studied the basic science subjects.i forgot about anatomy,biochemistry,histology,embriology etc........So i want to study these materials in texts instead of review books or high-yield books alone sothat i can understand the concepts better.if i use only review books i must memorize instead of understand.i have also studied in italian language.So which book could you suggest me for these materials?what about the time?i think i will study hard but i have difficulty to estimate the time enough for me to prepare for step1.any advice will be useful for me.i think those who take step1 soon after their 2nd or 3rd have an advantage cuz they can answer the questions based on their preparation from review books but also from their class lesson(they have fresh memory).i miss the last one advantage
help please
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Hi thank you MastahRiz and Majid for your help.From the list of textbooks i have used in my school only Physiology Guyton.Is this book "Basic Medical Biochemistry:A Clinical Approach by Dawn B., PH.D. Marks, Allan D. Marks, Colleen M. Smith" is more used in american schools?Which textbook is more used in american medical school for CLINICAL NEUROLOGY and hematology? Sorry for the flooding,i made an error.this room is good
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