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How Many Post Do YOU Have?

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There are a lot of inactive members here on medstudentz. We really need you to participate on as much forums as you can. So here is a challenge for you:
Go on your profile and look to see how many posts you have put up. Post your answer here.
1) If you have less then 5 post, you have to invite 6 more people to
2) Less then 4 post, invite 8 more medstudents.
3) Less then 3post, invite 10 more medstudents.
4) Less then 2 post, invite 12 more...
5) And the members who only have 1 or 0, you should be ashamed of You have to invite 15 new members.

*What's the point of joining a forum if you are not going to participate? The forum is here to help YOU, the members, out! Take advantage of it and don't be selfish with the information that you have obtained. Share it! :roll: :p
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Awesome idea---but one question, I have 127 many people do I need to invite? :p

I'm just kidding---Natacha, you rock. 8)
LoL, thanks Rehan. Well for all those that have a great number like Rehan, if you wish you can still invite but you're not obliged to. :)
Oh, I have 110! Yyyyyyyeeeeaaaaahhh! :lol:
I don't see any participants beside Rehan and myself! This was suppose to be fun! :)
I am somehow proud to say I HAVE 73 POSTS!! #cool Bally Bally!!

I love this site, no matter if i get in or not, I will not forget how helpful this site and its members were in the tough, rough, and confusing times of my admission process into medical colleges in Pakistan. I couldn't possibly have successfully applied for admission, without the helpful information on this site....Thank you everybody and especially my utmost respect and admirations to Rehan, MastahRiz, and MedGrunt it was truly kind of you to take your time and have patience to post all the information and offer your valuable advices. Thank you for caring. May you guys have a good life before and after!

So with my visit here amost everyday, successful 73 posts which i cherish, I shall continue to seek knowledge, ask questions when needed (and of course, not without searching first!) and answer question to best of my knowledge. AMEN.
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I suggest

Awesome idea---but one question, I have 127 many people do I need to invite? :p

I'm just kidding---Natacha, you rock. 8)
The more posts you've got, the more people you need to invite. Now go and bring 100 people.#grin#sorry
I got a 111 !!!

Anyway, I came by medstudentz while searching for past entry test papers. I was unable to find any paper but the help i got from medstudentz is paralleled by none. Specially people like medgrunt and Mastariz are the blockbusterz!! Thank guys for all ur help.
ive only 58 but i joined just a month bk but its an awesome site guyz keeping in touch wd med world all the time :)
Anytime- glad to help. We're hoping to add a section of past papers and exams and even mcq's in the future.
hmm cant u guyz create a site like taking an online exam practice
The hardest part is accumulating questions- since each institution has their own trends as to what they ask and how they structure their papers. Once we have a good amount of material, we'll form something that's easily accessible.
why dont u moderators all create ur combined web adress n ask we people to post good questions n dn u all combine them and post here every week for practicing
We're looking for something more than a repository. Once we develop a standard format, we'll do our best to implement it.
okay hope for the best n wshng u gd luck in dng that:)
ANd MastaRiz dats a great idea, support from me. And best of Luck!
Oh the above one is 130th!!

Shall i continue this chain???? #laugh#laugh#laugh#laugh
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