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To get an awesome avatar for yourself, do the following:

1. Put a small picture up online.
Width should be 150 pixels or less.
You can put pictures up on - recommended - very good too (can make a icon from a big picture)

2. Cut and paste the address of the image.
Imageshack will give you a direct link to the image. Other places you may have to right click and then select ??open image in new window?. Then cut and paste the address in the address bar.

3. Add to profile
Go to Med Studentz toolbar (near the top) and click on ?profile?. Paste image location to where it says: ?Link to off-site Avatar:?. Click submit and you should be done! :p

4. Upload Rather Than Link
As an alternative to the steps above, you can upload your picture (must be smaller than 12288 bytes) directly to the Med Studentz server rather than linking to it from an off-server location.

Hope this helps! :D

i think bhains ki dum ....u are a retard how are you going to ask that question do i put a pic next to my name ....Retard!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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