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I have a suggestion, could a notification or tagging system of some sort be introduced in the forum? Something that lets members know other members have asked them something in old and new thread. I found some old threads where members asked me questions, but as I logged in after a long time I wasn't aware they had. I do tick the "subscribe to thread" option, but sometimes I forget to do so. So, I think this would help especially since timely information is valuable and me answering there questions now is sort of useless.

Hope the administrative staff takes notice.

Thank you.

Anderson said:
Quality posts from members have dwindled significantly in USMLE section . Might be a good time to bring the dark knight back
I wish he'd come back.

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Is the forum alive? Suggestion is to get more traffic:)
Hey there,

Thanks for the suggestion. We're always looking to help increase traffic.

Did you have any suggestions to help the board?

The forum is alive, as we do have people posting, but there can always be more :D

- JB
61 - 65 of 65 Posts
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