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To any Shifa medstudents can you please tell me what your halls are like and the campus atmosphere, including staff-student relationship?

Asalam waleykoum

I also wanted to know more information about the doctors at shifa, im pretty sure the students are very friendly with foreigners, but i have a problem : i dont speak urdu (but pashto) and i'm not used to speak in english, its very you think its a big problem?

Also, in france, they let me go abroad but i have to do my elective in surgery (perhaps general), do you think its possible ? because i saw somewhere else in the forum that surgeons let students go to surgery only if they have good basis in anat/physics (which is very not my case #sad )...

btw, will i be able to see other students during july in the halls, at the hospital or at the library? i want to make sure i'll be in contact with some students over there and make friends...i'm afraid i'll be doing everything on my own whereas i'm hampered coz i dont speak, i'd like to sightsee a lot islamabad...

perhaps it seems weird that i'm doing an elective ship in islamabad whereas i dont speak urdu, but i'm doing it for my future, i'd like to come back to pakistan when i'll be a doctor i wanted to have a first contact with pakistani medical system and simply pakistani people

thank you all for your help
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