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HELP overseas schools HELP

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I am a current graduate from an American university. I have a bachelors degree in biology. I was debating on going over seas for med. school. I do not have the greatest GPA. I am an average student. Price in not much of a factor in picking a school, but I want to apply out of the United States as well as within.

I was thinking about applying to schools in Canada, Europe (Britain), and considering the Aga Khan University in Pakistan. Can anyone help me out? I was wondering if I attend a school out of the United States but plan to practice in America is it possible? Will my degree transfer?#confused
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Please do not post medical school questions in the OFF TOPIC area. Questions like these belong in the appropriate part of the forum, e.g. Pre-Med or Medical Students area, but definitely not in the Medical Students off topic lounge.

If you don't have a great GPA and you're just an average student, then applying abroad isn't going to be much easier than applying in the US, especially if you're considering schools like Aga Khan. Schools like AKU get more than enough applicants every year with perfect GPA's and test scores.

If you go to school outside of the US, then you have to take the same qualifying exams as American students (USMLE) before you can actually start practicing. Finding a residency though will become much harder than if you had gone to med school in the US.
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