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Hello everyone!

I'm Cecile, 21 years old and of course I'm a medical student. Third year. The Radboud University where I study stands in the beautiful country of The Netherlands. And guess what, I also life in the most beautiful town of the Netherlands... (it's a miracle!): Nijmegen.
The reason I wanted te be part of this forum/site is that, for my study I need to set up a research. A medical science research. I want to do that research in a foreign country. So this is where I might need the help of a medical student outsite the Netherlands. So I figured this might be the place to be.
I hoping a student can help me to get in contact with your University so I can come over and make a fantastic research :p. I'm most interested in Gynaecology, and I'm planning to do my research in that area.
So if you can help me, or if you want (need to) do a research yourself in that area contact me, and react to this post.
Thank you very much! Greetings form Holland

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