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hellp!! Entrance test dates?

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heyy ppl, i was gonna apply after this summer,...anyone know abt the entry test dates??? when will they announce it cuz m completing the requirements for pre-med group over the summer!!!#shocked

and also, do those ppl accept college bio chem n physics as ur premed requirement????#roll

peace outt!! please reply asap!!
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The entry tests dates are different for every school. Which school or schools are you interested in?

And yes, if you haven't taken high school bio/chem/phyz then and only then will they accept your college grades instead.
thanks for replying ....actually, i was applying for shifa for sure and probably KE in lahore.. n i havent taken any chem,bio or phys in high skool....
any dates??? please lemme know.dun wanna miss em!
Entry test for the government medical colleges of Punjab including K.E is held in Oct/Nov, and the final date will be issued a month before the test, but still do register yourself beforehand when the prospectus are published.

As for Shifa, the test is conducted in October with the date of the test printed on the Shifa prospectus whenever it comes out.
someone plzzzzzzzz post the shifa and K.E entry test dates as sooon as theyy advertise for em.....thankxxx!!!
King Edward is a GOVERNMENT college. That means that foreigners have NO entry tests. Foreign seats in government colleges are on merit/ based on you scores your get from the IBCC.
well, it will be a good thing if we start posting the entrance tests dates here in the topic as soon as they are advertised...aint it?? it will be kinda reminder for everybody whos interested in some medical school here in Pakistan. Anybody who comes across any medical college's test date or advertisement, he/she can post it here okay.
hmmm..yeh..i joined here so i can keep a track of entry test pllzz do it asap...

so KE has no entry test for foreigners and when can we start applying there?
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