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HEC to implement ban on self-finance scheme
HEC to implement ban on self-finance scheme Daily Times
August 22, 2007
Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has decided to implement its directives to the public sector universities to stop enrolling students on self-finance basis and ensure admissions strictly on merit basis.
The directives, issued to the universities about two years ago, were meant to reserve more seats for the poor students on merit.
Talking to Daily Times, a senior commission official said the commission would now strictly direct the public sector universities to implement its directives in letter and spirit. He said these universities had been asked to enhance fee and ensure admission strictly on merit. The universities are already increasing fees up to 10 percent annually.
The official said self-finance schemes were helping universities to meet their 30 percent expenses, while the HEC was providing 70 percent funds to run their affairs. He said the annual increase in fee would only enable the children of affluent families to pursue higher studies.
At present, the official said, children of both MP-1 officers and drivers were paying the same fee. He said after implementation of ban on self-finance scheme, the universities would bear the expenses of poor students after a thorough verification to know whether or not they deserved admission.
Moreover, the universities would also provide scholarships to poor students to meet their lodging and food expenses. He said a lot of talented students were unable to take admission in private sector universities because of high fee structures.
When HEC quality advisor Dr Riaz Hussain Qureshi was contacted, he said they had directed the universities to ban the self-finance scheme ?Yes, the HEC would strictly observe implementation of its directives in this connection. But it may take time as far as the comprehensive implementation of the policy was concerned,? Qureshi said.
He said the decision was taken in the best interest of poor students.
He said the HEC wanted to bring talented students into the main stream. He said the ban on self-finance scheme would help varsities reserve more seats for poor students. The official said that HEC would also increase funds to help the universities run their matters

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Well this is what i have been hearing for a long time that poor under-privileged students will be given chances to advance their studies under merit system...well so far i have never seen this in action, just in news...! Many students who don't deserve it, get admitted to medical colleges just because they can afford it and on the other hand many intelligent, hard working poor souls are left out. I hope this is the last time we hear that they are "going to or planning to" implement this policy and actually hear that they "have" implemented the policy.

The way the govt. colleges are already running and how great their educational system is.. you think that they are actually going to take the responsibilities for these under-privileged student's fees, lodging, food expenses...while they can't even paint the dorm rooms! Since 30% of the funding comes from self-finance, govt. is not going to terminate this policy because how else are they going to get their money from to run their facilities and their homes...? So i doubt that it will actually happen...
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