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Hey there !

So In 2013 did fsc (pre-med) with 826 marks and mcat with 574 marks:(, as expected i didn't got into a govt medical college with 63.5% aggregate for bds and my family couldnt afford private back then.
Now in 2014 my family says that they can take loan and afford my studies in private college for dentistry but i must first think this all through before i take this big step,
And here i am asking for people with experince in the medical / dental field

1) i have heard that you must do speacialization in order to survive after mbbs because mbbs on itself is not very great, what i wana know is that does the same goes for dentistry (bds), would i will have to do spealization in order to earn good ?

2) like most of the people of this country, i wana flew this country. I want to go abroad and stay there. I have heard that the exams like PLAB, USMILE etc are VERY hard and as you can tell from my fsc and mcat marks, i am not a brilliant or very hardworking student, i don't want to be stuck with a professional degree which i can't practice

any insight will be hugely appreciated ! :)
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