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I have gone through the system and i would like to share what i have learnt from it

Candites with A Level grades higher then AAB are seen in the same light as other other candidates who have AAB (achieved or pridicted) at A levels. i emailed almost all uk medical schools and only a couple of them said i MAY be at an advantage for having 4 A's. (not will be....)

As far as GCSE is concerned some universities like Birmingham, edinburgh.. spit at your application if you dont have a string of A*s .Candidaees r ranked for interview on the basis of A***....

Others dont give any extra advantage for having A*******s

The universities that use BMAT tent to reject candidates of less then average BMAT score.In my opinion one doesn't stand a chance of getting into the bmat consortium if they don't have a good bmat score.

On the other hand UKCAT doesnt carry a lot of weight for most (not all) universities.
some uni's have cut off score for the UKCAT.
some unis rank candidares on the basis of UKCAT score.

Personal Statement has to be shiny and polished

Interiew is unargueably the most impotant part of the most and for most universities applicants are ranked accourding their performence in the interview. jaw dropping acedemic performence is not an advantge/ important at this stage.this does not apply to all universities.

It pays off to do your homework in investigating which unis match your strengths and give you an advantage over others for having higher then average ukcat score , gcse result, e.c.t.
By doing so one can significantly increase their chances of getting into a medical school.
uni prosectues can be a good place to begin with.

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and doing postgrad med in the uk isnt easy either unless of course u have a degree in biomedical sciences and garduated from oxford or in my experience only people from such backgrounds have gotten in and thats 4 the 5 year course not 4 yr :D
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