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I'm sure a lot of people here know about George. He has his own show on talk sport

He is famous for his performance in the US senate, also for supporting Muslims against injustice.

Here is one of his most famous videos when he appeared on sky news from youtube:

YouTube - George Galloway Regarding Lebanon & Isreal on sky news

He has also appeared twice in the Global peace and unity event in London, where he has given speeches in front of a event of probably 30,000 people.

here is a clip from this year's event which occured yesterday:

YouTube - George Galloway AT GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY from islam channel

Here's his famous video at the senate:

YouTube - George Galloway vs. U.S Senate (5/17/05) on fox news

YouTube - Galloway before the Senate Part 1 you can find the other parts in the box there.

I enjoy listening to him, because he is eloquent, amazing use of English language, but he stands up for justice.

this is a funny one where he walks away from the newsnight interview hosted by Jeremy Paxman:

YouTube - George Galloway wins election 2005
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